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Outlet outlet plumbing bathroom product quality and safety demonstration area to build out the results

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2017/08/17 10:08
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China Building Materials Market Association bathroom branch "China bathroom industry survey" group visited the survey of Kaiping major bathroom industrial area and corporate brand exhibition hall.
"In the country's three major plumbing sanitary products production base, the outlet of the product, although selling expensive, but its quality than the other two base products to be higher than a few grades.Therefore, the outlet base of the product can be so popular in the international market ... ... "In the interview, many of the industry are on the mouth of the plumbing bathroom products given a high rating....
Shuikou this "plumbing world, bathroom kingdom", its plumbing bathroom product quality, on behalf of the same level of development of the same industry. Shuikou town to export plumbing bathroom product quality and safety demonstration area construction as an opportunity to win the quality, firm the international market, greatly enhance the "Kaiping manufacturing" export competitiveness.
At present, through the export of plumbing sanitary products quality and safety demonstration area to create, Shuizhen town has formed a "government-led, the main responsibility of enterprises, the relevant departments of linkage, industry self-discipline, leading enterprises to lead the" new management mechanism, give full play to the plumbing bathroom Industry in Kaiping economic development in the obvious advantages, built a strong quality management capabilities, product quality and safety level, independent innovation ability, industrial advantages, functional positioning clear, agglomeration effect is obvious, radiation driven strong export product quality and safety demonstration Area.
Shuikou town, known as plumbing bathroom products world.
The town of plumbing bathroom industry after 30 years of development and growth, has become a local pillar industry, is also a pillar industry in Kaiping City. The town of plumbing bathroom industry supporting perfect, known as the best domestic concentration, the industry chain the most complete, the largest industrial scale, the highest overall quality and development potential of the largest plumbing sanitary products production and export base. Over the years, Shuizhen town has won a series of honorary titles, including "China's tap production base", "China plumbing bathroom production base", "China Plumbing bathroom hardware export base", "Guangdong plumbing bathroom international procurement center", " Transformation and upgrading of professional demonstration base "and so on.
Shuangwei plumbing bathroom industry has four distinct characteristics.
Industrial agglomeration, supporting perfect. Shuizui town gathered more than 500 enterprises in the form of limited registered plumbing bathroom products manufacturing enterprises, more than 1,000 self-employed in the form of plumbing bathroom products and accessories manufacturing enterprises, employing more than 50,000 people, of which more than 4,000 professionals.
Products in the domestic and international market share is high. In 2014, the total output value of Shuikou plumbing bathroom industry reached 10.3 billion yuan, exports amounted to 915 million US dollars, at home and abroad plumbing bathroom market occupies an important position, the products exported to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, more than 200 countries and regions The
Strong corporate brand awareness. At present, the town of plumbing bathroom enterprises have a total of nearly 160 own brands, including eight provincial-level brand-name products and the famous trademark title, a well-known trademarks in China, 14 companies were awarded by the China Association of sanitary ceramics "China Bathroom well-known brand "title, nine companies were" China's green faucet "title.
Enterprises attach great importance to quality management and product quality. Most of the enterprises to establish a sound quality management system and run well, product quality and stability in recent years did not occur significant import and export product quality and safety accidents and illegal cases, some enterprises to obtain the world's products on behalf of the world's highest standards of water quality and safety certification.........
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