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Bathroom plumbing how to break the ice on the water?

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2017/08/17 10:08
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China Building Materials Market Association bathroom branch "China bathroom industry survey" group visited the survey of Kaiping major bathroom industrial area and corporate brand exhibition hall.
Recently, the emergence of a number of water in the plumbing Internet plumbing business bath, major companies operating difficulties and other rumors. In order to understand the actual situation of enterprises, Kaiping City, the industrial and commercial departments of the city of plumbing sanitary enterprises visited the investigation, confirmed that some rumors are false. However, the survey also reflects that since this year, Shuikou plumbing bath industry due to multiple factors, business development really encounter difficulties.
The first half of industrial data is not bad...
According to incomplete statistics of the industrial and commercial sector, Shuizhu City in the plumbing bath industry, the main market a total of 2330, compared with the same period last year increased by 30%. The total amount of industrial funds is 932.26 million yuan, the amount of household funds is 357,000 yuan, employing more than 50,000 people. Among them, 1521 households for self-employed, the amount of funds to 56.71 million yuan, accounting for about 6.1% of total industrial funds, 795 for limited liability company, total registered capital of 874.55 million yuan, accounting for 93.8% of total industrial funds. These data do not contain data related to the plumbing bath industry, such as hardware processing, hardware accessories. As of August 17 this year, Shuikou City plumbing industry bath to annul the number of households 74, of which two companies, with the same period last year. It is understood that this year the city do not usually withdraw from the market, "fled the debt" business households have 10 households, of which four companies, registered capital of 1 million yuan or more.
In the first half of 2014, Shuikou City plumbing production value of the sanitary industry of 5.25 million yuan, while the first half of 2015 industrial production rose to 58.9 million yuan, growth significantly, from the industrial export value, the first half of last year to 457 million dollars this year. From the data rose to $ 493 million, exports also achieved steady growth.
The development of the industry faces many problems
After research found that the plumbing bath industry is facing a lot of problems.
First, the lack of innovation. Construction of the industrial innovation system is not perfect, the high level of public service platform and technology engineering center of enterprise is very small, lack of financing, design and support platform, government for the ability to SME innovation service is obviously insufficient. The phenomenon of product homogeneity is obvious, the independent capacity of the company's innovation is not strong, it hampers maximizing the economic efficiency of the industry, restricting the brand value to enhance further. Plumbing bath products to imitate the development of the main, weakening competitiveness, there are still some companies to take the low-cost competition path, can not really consolidate the market share of enterprises. Of the nine companies visited, only one has a patent, and most companies do not pay attention to intellectual property.
At the same time, plumbing bath companies in the city are mostly labor-intensive companies. In recent years, with the continuous increase in labor costs, business costs gradually increased spending. In addition, most of the funds are very tight. Most of these companies to the monthly or quarterly sales and production, this year by domestic and international environmental impact, slow return of funds, manufacturers, suppliers, dealers themselves stable "triangular debt" situation was destroyed, resulting in some companies Situation of rupture of the capital chain. Banks and other financial institutions in the approval of the loan more strict and cautious, squeeze some credit loans, resulting in some companies can not get loans, which affect the normal operation.
In addition, the lack of strategic corporate brand marketing strategy. Shuikou plumbing bath companies are mostly in the low-end business model, registered trademark producers do not pay attention to the promotion of the brand. Visited the company, more than 90% of enterprises to do OEM production, only a few large companies in recent years to change the sales strategy.
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